Monday, 7 April 2008

Nonsuch 30th March 2008

I ended up at Nonsuch again on the 30th and when I set off I didn't know how good it was going to be!
Soon after walking into the woods I spotted a gorious male Sparrowhawk flying into a tree! I have always wanted to see a male perhed and it sat there for about 5 minutes preening.
Another highlight was a Weasel running around at Cheam Park. It kept running in and out of bushes making a 'pssst' noise. There was the usual stuff around the park and the Green Woodpeckers were really noticable as they are starting to breed now.
I had a look for the Little Owl I heard a couple of weeks before but couldn't find it but just as I was making my way to the mansion house to have a snack in the cafe, I heard one in a nearby tree, after looking at all angles for it I eventually spotted it and phoned Phil who was soon on the scene. Before he arrived, the same Sparrowhawk circled low over me. Phil and I continued on together and we saw Goldcrest in the gardens. We were both pleased with the shots that he managed.
I did take photos and I will put them on the blog as soon as I have time.

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