Friday, 28 March 2008

A blogging game and an early Chiffchaff

I have been tagged by a blogger namely gallicissa for this blogger type of chain letter! The point of the game is to write a 6-word meme describing your inner birder and then pass it off to 5 more bloggers.
I am meant to, if I can, put a picture with it too but seeing as I have only had my camera back for a while and have taken almost no decent pictures I can't.
Here's my meme
"screeching devil birds make my summer"
I couldn't really think of anything better. I'm not that poetic.

RE: Nonsuch Park, I am pretty sure that I'm going tomorrow so I'll have a report for you tomorrow evening.

Following southerly winds and rain last night I went to Banstead Downs before school, the only migrant was a Chiffchaff heard singing around 7:30am, probably too early for a decent number of migrants to be grounded. Although there were a couple of odd birds flying over going 'chee chooo'. No idea what they were!

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Gallicissa said...

Thanks David for taking part in this! Nice meme!