Friday, 12 October 2007

Saturday 6th October 2007

Female Green Woodpecker
I met up with my friend Phil again, but we were unable to go early in the morning so we had to put up with the many people and dogs there. There was still no sign of the Hobby and it has probably moved on.
There were, as usual, plenty corvids including 9 Magpies, 17 Carrion Crows and 4 Jays (sightings going down again).
The gardens produced 2 singing Robins, a Chaffinch (heard), 3 Goldfinch, a female Blackbird; at least one Goldcrest was feeding in the conifers and a Nuthatch (heard).
There was a female Kestrel in the grassland area which I photographed but was abit too quick with my movements and accidentally scared it off, I was used to being able to stride right up to them, but they must be getting used to the threat of humans now.
We got excellent views of a female Green Woodpecker (Pictured), it was the closest I have ever managed to get to one and one of the first times I had used real fieldcraft to get close to the bird, it gave great results too. It was a good day at Nonsuch, not a terrible variety but very enjoyable.

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