Monday, 1 October 2007

Finally no sign of the Hobby...

On Saturday (29th September 2007) I went back down to Nonsuch because I was dying for a bit of birding. The weather was not great, so I didn't expect the Hobby anyway, they don't hunt in these conditions because there are no aerial insects for it to feed on.
It was an enjoyable day anyway, I thought there was a good chance of green Woodpecker because of the conditions and we ended up seeing a juvenile and a female on the first no dogs area. Ring-necked Parakeets were less active today though very noisy. I noted 3 pairs of Blackbirds which is more than usual. Near the first no dogs area there was a flock of tits passing through, I only really got a view of a Great Tit though there were Blue Tits there too. Several Robins were active too with a total of four seen. Great-spotted Woodpecker was seen in flight and heard making its contact call. 24 Starlings flew over, which is average for Nonsuch. As with the last few weeks Jays were particularly active collecting nuts. 24 Black-headed Gulls were present in Cheam Park with a brief 'from behind' glimpse of a probable Common Gull.
We headed down to the 'Kestrel Area' which is a large patch of rough grassland. and despite not being able to get close to them as before, we saw a record breaking 4 birds there in flight, calling. I heard a Nuthatch in the gardens and 2 Herring Gulls flew over. Other than this there was nothing else of note, still a very interesting and enjoyable day.
Oh yes... the Hobby wasn't there. Either it had moved on or wasn't active due to the weather.

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