Saturday, 4 October 2008

Nonsuch Park in the movies!

From Friday 2nd to Saturday 4th October the Mansion House and the Gardens in Nonsuch Park were used as a setting for filming of a sequence in the family film 'From Time to Time' with Timothy Spall and Maggie Smith. Not good news for me because there were tonnes of caravans which were putting the birds off and blocking the cafe and some essential footpaths. Anyway, it will be interesting to see Nonsuch on the big screen.


ej.baker said...

can you find out anymore about the actors and actresses in From Time to Time? I'd be really interested to find out more, as I cycle past the set every day when I cycle to and from school.

David Campbell said...

Hi ej.baker. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't notice your comment!
Sorry, I have no idea about the casting for From Time to Time other than the two big names. If I get any info, I'll let you know.