Monday, 10 September 2007

Some info about Nonsuch

Now, I think it would be useful for you to know some things about the place you are reading about. It is not the best rarity hotspot in the world, but it can turn up some very rare birds for South-West London, particularly Cheam, Epsom, Banstead, Sutton; that sort of area. This is because it is one of the only large, natural sites in the area with a good variety of habitats and birds passing through see it and stop there. So far, three rare South West London birds have turned up here (Beddington Sewage Farm does get more rare birds but remember this is a park). These 3 species are Little Owl (10/10/04), Lesser-spotted Woodpecker (3/2/07) and of course the Juvenile Hobby (9/9/07). The last two are particularly rare for this area.
The park consists of various habitats, these include tall Grassland, Deciduous Woodland, Confiferous Woodland, Mixed Woodland, Ponds and gardens as well as short grass fields.
Part of the long-term aim of this website is to riase awareness of Nonsuch amongst birders, then, maybe it will become more appreciated for its wildlife and well lets just say it may help combat the erm, little plans that the council have in store for this place.

Now the Nonsuch list sonsits of 44 species, nothing great but remember, it is only me who birdwatches there and I'm not very good at it so it is probably way below what birds actually use the site.

Some of the start commoner birds include Great-spotted and Green Woodpecker, Ring-necked Parakeets, Sparrowhawks which breed (?), Kestrels which breed on site or nearby (?) plenty songbirds, occasional Grey Heron. And much more. Other wildlife includes foxes, a variety of insects including many butterflies and occasional dragonflies, including four-spotted chaser (which is the only dragonfly I know).
See the 'Birds of Nonsuch Page' (found in the links section) for full details on the status of the birds of the park.

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